The DDO of Rajkot sat on the ground and listened to the complaint of the crippled teacher


  • Special arrangements have been made in Rajkot District Panchayat so that the disabled do not get in trouble.
  • DDO Dev Chaudhary of Rajkot himself hears the presentation of such paraplegics coming down from the first floor.
  • On Monday, they sat on the ground to listen to a paralyzed teacher.

Ahmedabad: Akkad must have been introduced to almost everyone in government offices, from pawnbrokers to big bosses. However, now that most of the work is being done online, many but not all are the same. Rajkot District Development Officer (DDO) Dev Chaudhary has also given the impression of being different from everyone else. DDO Chaudhary has taken a welcome initiative by showing sympathy towards the disabled. All are praising this initiative of DDO.

DDO Chaudhary himself comes down so that the paralyzed applicants do not have to come to the first floor to be introduced. A banner with number for the disabled applicant has also been placed near the main gate of the district panchayat. Meanwhile, when a crippled teacher came to the office last Monday to make a presentation, the DDO himself sat on the ground and listened to her complaint. A video of this time has also been circulating on social media.

DDO Chaudhary said that the introduction of this Ben is very old and has now come to our notice. He said that the complaint of the crippled teacher was dated 2015 and action was taken as per the preliminary submission. The applicant teacher has also brought a stay from the High Court. “I will do my best to ensure that proper action is taken,” the DDO said. The crippled teacher had earlier lodged a complaint against a teacher named Ratu Chavda, who was working with her. The crippled teacher is currently on duty at another school. He had come to present that no departmental action had been taken against Ratu Chavda.


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