The couple was arrested after killing a 50-year-old monk and dumping his body in a sack


  • The murdered body of a monk named Santosh Solanki was found near Para Piplia village
  • Within hours, police caught Geeta and her husband Vasant Jadhav and resolved the dispute
  • Gita and Vasant met Santosh after a quarrel over dinner

Rajkot: Rajkot police have arrested a man and his wife for killing 50-year-old monk Santosh Solanki. According to the information received, the bloodied body of a monk was found in a sack near Para Piplia village near Jamnagar Highway. Following the incident, the police had registered a case of murder and launched an investigation. An investigation was carried out in the direction including CCTV footage and within hours of the arrest, the accused Gita and her husband Vasant Jadhav were arrested and the murder case was solved.

The monk was killed by throwing stones
During interrogation of people in the area, someone told them that they had seen a man dressed in saffron near SRP camp on Monday night. Police investigating the area found stones with blood stains. Further investigation revealed that Geeta Jadav (40) and her husband Vasant Jadav (45) had been living in an open field house here for the past one week.

Police arrested the couple while investigating
According to information received, the couple along with Gita’s father Arjun and Santosh came to the place from Jamnagar on Monday night. Arjun and Santosh were begging in Jamnagar while Vasant was a rickshaw puller.

The couple murdered after a quarrel over food
Deputy Commissioner Manohar Singh Jadeja said Geeta had made dinner for all on Monday night but Santosh had complained about the taste. This led to a brawl and Gita attacked Santosh’s head with a large stone and killed him on the spot. The couple then carried the body in a sack to a rickshaw and later dumped it near Mercury Piplia village.


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