Sasangir is open to tourists from today after a 4-month vacation


  • The Sasangir Sanctuary was reopened after a 4 month vacation
  • With the departure of monsoon, the sanctuary was opened for tourists
  • Lions and other animals mate during the monsoons

Sasangir: Sasanigar, famous for its Asiatic Lions, is now open to tourists from Saturday. After the last four months of vacation, there was a lot of excitement among the tourists. Sasangir Forest and Girnar Nature Safari Park is open to tourists. Importantly, Sasangir is kept closed for tourists during the monsoon season. Now that Sasangir has been opened, foreign tourists will be able to see lions in Gir and Girnar forests by booking permits from the online website.
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According to reports, the sanctuary is closed to tourists during the monsoon season. Other animals, including lions, mate during this season. These animals are kept closed so as not to disturb the mating season. Also, forest roads are not good during monsoons. That is why the sanctuary was closed to tourists from June 15 last year. Now, Chamosa has left Gujarat. Once again, the opening of the sanctuary and nature safari park was met with great enthusiasm among the tourists.

The number of tourists opening the sanctuary is also likely to increase. That is why adequate arrangements have also been made by the Forest Department. The Forest Department has also started online ticket booking for tourists. The sanctuary opened four months later and was visited by tourists. There are also reports that the sanctuary has been open since Saturday and tourists have been greeted with roses.
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Stunning views of wildlife can also be enjoyed here along with lion watching. Tourists visiting here will also have to follow the Corona guideline issued by the government. On the other hand, the Navratri festival is over and the Diwali season is about to begin. This is the season when there is a huge influx of tourists. There were also statistics that the lion population has also increased in the last few years.

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