People broke up saying my sister got married and ruined my life.


  • A complaint has been lodged against a father-son killer in a public fight in Jetpur, Rajkot district
  • Sister’s marriage was ruined by the brothers who washed the bridegroom in public.
  • Police registered offenses against the three accused under sections 323, 324, 294, 506 (2), 337 and 114 of the IPC.

A complaint has been registered in the police book that the family of a young woman had threatened to kill her son in Jetpur by threatening him with a pipe. A youth named Anirudh Sumatbhai Wala (U.V.26) living near Ramdevpeer temple on the opposite side of Bhadar in Jetpur has been named as accused in the complaint lodged at Jetpur city police station. Accused Chandresh’s sister Sonal’s marriage was arranged by the plaintiff’s father.
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Aniruddhabhai said in the complaint, “I live with my family and I earn my living by driving. I was going to empty the water tank filter plot on Rabarika Road from Anand Cotton Factory when Chandreshbhai Hakubhai was standing on Rabarika Road and they kept me standing.” So I parked my tanker. The plaintiff further said that this Chandreshbhai had a wooden stick in his hand and while I was constructing this tanker this Chandreshbhai pulled me down and started saying that you people have ruined my life by marrying my sister Sonal and started beating me physically and His brother Vanrajbhai also came to hit me with a pipe in his hand and hit me on the head so that I fell down.
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Further, the plaintiff further stated that father Hakubhai J Basel also came running and took the stone and hurled the stone so that I kept my hands horizontally while defending myself and my head was injured and this Hakubhai grabbed me and Chandresh and Vanraj started beating me. And they started giving me spam like Jemfave. In addition, the plaintiff said, “Today you have to kill yourself. It has ruined the life of our daughter. He was referred to Rajkot Civil Hospital here for further treatment. A complaint has been lodged with Jetpur police in this regard. Following Yuvan’s complaint, the police have registered a case against the three accused under sections 323, 324, 294, 506 (2), 337 and 114 of the IPC.


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