Junagadh Jawani’s girlfriend caught an adult in a honeytrap, called him at home and took off his clothes and demanded Rs 5 lakh.


  • 57-year-old jewelers in Malia Hatina, Junagadh find it difficult to reunite with ex-girlfriend
  • He fell in love with a young woman living in the neighborhood 20 years ago. Only 3 months ago, the woman called again and fell in love.
  • A 42-year-old woman called an adult at home and took off her clothes. Two youths took down the video and demanded Rs 5 lakh.

A 57-year-old jeweler in Malia Hatina, Junagadh, found it difficult to resume his love affair with his 20-year-old ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend approached the adult 3 months ago, and reminded the old love back by sweet talk. Meanwhile, the ex-girlfriend called the adult to her house at night. Just when the adult woman was at home, two young men arrived. And that’s where the girlfriend took off her clothes. After which, the two youths made a video of the adult and demanded Rs 5 lakh by threatening to fit him in the misdemeanor complaint. However, the adult had lodged a police complaint after the matter was blackmailed.

The adult filed a complaint against his 42-year-old girlfriend

Keshod police said Pradeep Pala, a resident of Malia Hati village in Junagadh district, has lodged a complaint against 42-year-old Jyoti Lohana, Sikandar and Imtiaz. Pradeep Pala owns a jewelery shop in Malia Hati village and his family lives in Ahmedabad. But after the lockdown, he returned to the village.

Love was born 20 years ago with a neighbor

Police said Pradeep Pala was in a relationship with his neighbor Jyoti 20 years ago. Jyoti, who lives next door to the house, found her eyes when she came home to fetch water and fell in love. At this time Pradeep was married. However, Jyoti was single. But later Jyoti got married and she was leaving Keshod. And that was the end of their love affair. But just 3 months ago, Jyoti called Pradeep Pala once again and said, “I got your number from Facebook.” And with this, love talks started on the phone between the two.

The girlfriend is constantly pushing to come home

Police also said that Jyoti kept asking Pradeep to come home, but Pradeep Pala refused. But due to constant pressure and going to work in Keshod, Pradeep Pala asked Jyoti to meet him at his house on Tuesday. Pradeep had reached Pallavinagar in Keshod to meet Jyoti. Jyoti was standing near the house to pick up Pradeep and later took him to her house.

After coming home, the girlfriend took off her clothes, the two young men took down the video

Jyoti and Pradeep were sitting in the house, shortly after which Sikandar and Imtiaz broke into the house. And Pradeepbhai said, “What are you doing with me?” And with this, they started beating Pradeepbhai. Meanwhile, Jyoti took off her blouse and stood with Pradeep. And his video was downloaded by both the accused.

Threatened to pay Rs 5 lakh or fit in a misdemeanor case

After downloading the video, Jyoti told Pradeepbhai, “I am going to file a misdemeanor complaint against you.” Apart from this, Sikandar and Ibrahim also threatened to pay Rs 5 lakh or else they would be fitted in the misdemeanor case. However, Pradeepbhai said he did not have that much money. So the three accused threatened to go to the police station. In which Pradeepbhai also agreed to go to the police station. On the way, Pradeepbhai called his family brother. As soon as she arrived, Jyoti fled with Alexander and Ibrahim. However, Sikandar and Ibrahim later called Pradeepbhai and threatened to give him money or ruin his life by making the video viral. After which Pradeepbhai lodged a complaint against the three with Keshod police.


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