Jamnagar: The distinction of the body of a young woman found in a water hole near every GIDC has been resolved


  • The murdered body of a young woman was found in every area of ​​Jamnagar on Friday morning
  • Police resolved the difference within hours of the start of the investigation into the murder
  • Police have arrested the accused and started interrogation

Rajkot: The half-burnt body of a 22-year-old woman was found near Jamnagar-Lalpur bypass every GIDC on Friday afternoon. Police have identified the victim as Bharti alias Aarti Hingla, a resident of Jamnagar city. Police said the woman was brutally murdered and her body was set on fire and the body was later thrown into the water. Police also found traces of injuries on the victim’s body.
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During the investigation, Hingla was engaged to Karan Sidia but for some reason, the marriage was annulled. So the police suspected that the woman had been killed as a result of an argument over a break-up. After a complaint was lodged at the B Division police station, the police found that the girl’s ex-fianc જ had killed her.
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The details of the incident are as follows: The body of an unidentified young woman was found in a burnt water pit near Apple Gate in every area of ​​Jamnagar on Friday morning. The body of an estimated 20-22 year old girl was sent for postmortem and police conducted an investigation into the murder. A 21-year-old woman named Bhartiben alias Aarti Hingla, who lives in Murlidhar Park Society near Dared and works as a laborer in Dared’s factory, was found missing by the police on December 8, police said.

According to the police, the sister of the deceased has been missing since noon on the 8th at the Royal Factory in Dareed area, where she was met at noon by Karan Sidia, a native of Kukda village in Porbandar and now a resident of Murlidhar Park Society, who took her on a bike. And since then both have been reported missing.
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Faced with the whole fact, the police conducted an investigation into Sidia and in a matter of hours, Karan Siddia’s speedy murder was solved. Was. But a few days ago both the kinship was broken by Amit and his family. So Karan took Bharti on a bike and killed her and threw her body in a pit of water.


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