In Rajkot, a youth is calling the police.


  • The two got married 5 years ago, the two-year-old girl became Nodhari after her father was arrested
  • Neha divorced Rahul eight months ago due to in-laws’ harassment
  • Police shifted the body to Civil Hospital for PM and took special action

A young man living in Savar Manharpur on Amnagar Road in Rajkot killed his wife, kept her body in a secluded place, killed her, called the police control room and said, “I killed her because I was fed up with my wife’s character. Where can I be present?” University police immediately rushed to the spot where the call was made following the incident and the youth handed over his wife’s body to the police from the abandoned place. In the police investigation, the accused husband made a sensational confession that he was fed up with his wife’s character.

I settled down because my wife is characterless

According to the details received, Shailesh Bhupatbhai Panchasara, a 25-year-old resident of Manharpur, called the police control room at midnight on Friday and said, “I have got rid of my wife, who is characterless. Which police station should I be at? At one point, after listening to Shailesh, the staff of the control room felt that a drunken person was misleading by making a wrong phone call. Shailesh asked to send the police to Ghanteshwar SSP camp. As soon as the staff of the university police station, including Poesai Dangar, reached there, Praveen walked in front of the police and took the body of his wife Neha (U.V. 22) to a vacant place behind the SRP camp and showed it to the police.

Shailesh Panchasara told police that he was driving. He fell in love with Neha five years ago and has a two-year-old daughter. Neha has had several quarrels with several youths in the past. Even after the divorce, I suspected that Neha was having an affair with another boy. Her mobile phone also had photos of another boy. I also talked to her father about this. My 2 year old daughter Neha had. My brain was haunted for five days because she didn’t save it in the same way. I had to kill him and that’s what I was thinking. But did not get the chance. On Friday night, Neha called me from the front and asked me to drop her off at Bajrangwadi. But the knife was cut and Neha started boomaboom and I killed her by choking her with a shoulder blade. Then I personally called the police control room. I have no regrets about killing him.

Neha had divorced Rahul eight months ago

Praveen Singh Bhupatsinh Parmar, a native of Neha’s father living in Ghanteshwar 25 Variya Quarters and driving a rickshaw, fell in love five years ago after a love affair between Rahul and Neha who were driving a rickshaw there. After divorcing her husband Rahul, she moved to her father’s house in Ghanteshwar 25 Variya Quarters and got a job in the agarbatti housing industry in Parsana Nagar.

Nehaba, who was staying at her father’s house in Ghanteshwar last night on Dussehra, got a call from her family aunt Krishnaba Rajendrasinh Jadeja, who lives in Bajrangwadi and runs a beauty parlor, at 9 pm last night. She was not feeling well. Didn’t call to reach aunt’s house.

So that father Praveen Singh would stop calling his daughter’s phone so that Krishnaba, who lives in Bajrangwadi and runs a beauty parlor, would call Krishnaba and tell him that Neha was not there. The fans and lights were on and the house was open. Neha was searched till late but no trace was found. Finally, the university police got a call at night.


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