In Jamnagar, a 72-year-old woman infected with Omicron variant took Chinese vaccine!


  • The entry of Omicron virus in Jamnagar, an elderly woman from Zimbabwe infected
  • The Genome Sequence report found that the elderly woman was infected with Omicron
  • Reports of a woman infected with Omicron in Gujarat taking Chinese vaccine

Rajkot: A total of 4 cases have been reported across the country, including Gujarat, at a time when there is an uproar over the Omicron variant in the world, with one case each in Gujarat and Maharashtra yesterday after Karnataka. An investigation by Genome Sequence has revealed that a 72-year-old woman from Zimbabwe was infected with Omicron in Jamnagar. It is now learned that the old woman has taken Chinese vaccine to fight corona.

Doubts have been raised about the questions being raised against the Chinese corona vaccine, as an elderly Zimbabwean took a dose of the Chinese vaccine to avoid corona. However, this has not been officially confirmed yet. Local media reports have reported this.

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Reports have also surfaced that people who came in contact with an elderly woman from Zimbabwe infected with the new variant Omicron were directly vaccinated against an Indian vaccine that was not infected with the corona.

After the Omicron case came to light in Gujarat, the local administration, the Collector and the Chief Minister have called an immediate review meeting and ordered to take necessary steps. Apart from this, tracing-testing and testing of passengers coming from abroad is being done. Apart from this, corona tests are also being carried out by finding people who have come in contact with foreign passengers. Apart from this, samples are also being sent for the genome sequences of the suspected passengers.

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In Bhavnagar, on the other hand, 11 positive cases of corona have been reported in a single day. Strict adherence to the rules has been instructed by the government amid the threat of corona. This is because the declining number of cases is seen on the roads and in public places where the rules have been changed.


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