I want to marry you, say the grocer’s misdeeds on the student


  • In Rajkot, a student studying in standard-11 was raped
  • The vessel of the trader who committed the crime by intimidating and threatening the victim exploded
  • A division police registered a crime and arrested the trader under Rape, Poxo

Rajkot: In Rajkot, a police complaint has been registered that a grocery trader had molested a standard 11 student. According to information received, Paras Bharat Bedia, a resident of Parsannagar on Jamnagar Road in the city and owner of a provision store in Mochi Bazar, lured a 15-year-old girl to his shop. The entire case has been further investigated by the student’s mother who arrested the trader who lodged a complaint with the A Division police.

According to the information received, a complaint was lodged against the 16-year-old daughter of a family living in Mochi Bazar, Rajkot, who was allegedly molested by a trader named Paras Bharatbhai Bedia, who owns a shop in Mochi Bazar and lives in Parsana Nagar. The student’s mother said that after getting acquainted with Paras, who owns a blacksmith shop in her area, she gave him dairy milk for free when she went to the shop to get the item and thus got acquainted with her daughter and started talking.

Parse seduced Sagira to take her clothes and told her that he would marry her underage daughter when he was 18 years old. Sagira was shocked to hear the whole fact and took further action by arresting the father of two children who had lodged a complaint with the A-Division police in the matter.

It may be mentioned that in Sir village of Rajkot, 14-year-old Sagira was aborted by her brother-in-law’s elder brother. During the investigation into the incident, it was found out that the victim’s father had died 20 days ago. The whole matter is being further investigated by the police.


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