Experts from Jamnagar who treat Omikron patients report symptoms

In Jamnagar, Gujarat, new and dangerous variants of Corona virus have come up against the case of Omicron. Experts treating three Omicron patients say that the 72-year-old Omikron’s symptoms include sore throat, cough and weakness. This person came to Gujarat from Zimbabwe.
Corona cases continue to rise in Gujarat, with 71 new cases reported todayThe other two patients are his wife and brother-in-law asymptomatic, said a senior official at GG Hospital, Jamnagar. The report came back positive when the coptid variant of the septiganer was tested again after it was confirmed.

Dr Maharshi Desai, an international medicine specialist in Ahmedabad, said international reports indicate that the lungs in infected patients are not affected or relatively small – the biggest factor distinguishing them from the Delta variant which brought another catastrophic wave across India, including Gujarat.
Somewhere Bhangra, somewhere Havan … Farmers are leaving Singhu border and returning homeStudies so far have indicated that if this variant spreads to the general population, it could spread rapidly. But compared to the Delta variant, the need for hospitalization will be less and the death rate will also be less. However, we should not take it lightly and take precautionary measures from the very beginning.


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