Dwarka youth deputy collector Nihar Bhetaria caught taking Rs 3 lakh bribe


  • The Gandhinagar ACB team set a trap after receiving a complaint against the Dwarka provincial officer
  • Nihar Bhetaria was reportedly arrested and brought to Gandhinagar
  • There was a complaint for a long time, the team from Gandhinagar took action to ensure that nothing was left

Gandhinagar: GAS Nihar Bhetaria, who is on duty as Deputy Collector in Devbhoomi Dwarka district, has been caught red-handed taking a bribe of Rs 3 lakh. According to the details received, de. A bribe was demanded by the collector to license the weapon for crop protection. Following the complaint against him, a trap was set by the Gandhinagar ACB team to catch him, in which the young government official was caught taking bribe.

According to the details received, Nihar Bhetaria is the GAS officer of the 2017 bench, and he is currently serving as the provincial officer in Dwarka. It is also learned that there was a long-standing complaint against him. Currently, further action has been taken by the ACB against them. It is also learned that Deputy Collector Nihar Bhetaria has been brought to the Gandhinagar ACB office, where he is being questioned.

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