Delta or Omicron? Patients in Bhavnagar will be examined to see which variant of Corona


  • More than 21 cases of Omicron were reported across the country including Gujarat.
  • 13 people from Bhavnagar who came to Ahmedabad on the occasion of marriage contracted Korona.
  • Samples of 13 patients were sent to Gandhinagar for genome sequencing.

Gandhinagar: The new variant of Corona Omicron has caused a stir all over the world. All governments are working to ensure that the transition to this variant does not increase. As far as India is concerned, so far more than 21 cases of Omicron have been reported in five states including Gujarat. Testing has now begun at airports, ports and railway stations to ensure that cases do not escalate and that infected people in Corona comply with the rules.

Two more cases in Maharashtra, the number of people infected with Omicron in the country reached 23
It may be mentioned that at the end of November, 20 people from Bhavnagar came to attend the wedding ceremony at a hotel located on Sindhubhavan Road in Ahmedabad. Of these 20 people were from different families and 13 of them have tested positive for corona. 3 out of 13 patients also need oxygen support. Now Bhavnagar Municipality wants to find out which of these 13 people is a variant of Corona virus. To check whether the patients have Wuhan, Delta or Omicron variants, the patient samples are sent to the Gandhinagar-based Biological Research Institute, where genome sequencing will be done.

Jamnagar: The wife and brother-in-law of an elderly man infected with Omicron variant also reported positive
All those who come in contact with them are being tested. The worrying thing here is that the infected woman was tutoring seven children at home. At present all these children have been traced and RT-PCR tested and they have been quarantined at home.
At present more than fifteen samples have been sent for genome sequencing at the Gandhinagar-based Biological Research Institute. The samples have been sent from Rajkot, Jamnagar, Navsari, Surendranagar, Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar. It is to be mentioned that at present there is no system to trace the passengers entering Gujarat by road after coming to Mumbai and Delhi from abroad and especially from high risk countries. Attempts have been made by some metros to obtain details from airports.

Unique Kankotri printed by Bhavnagar family, from which a house can be made for birds
It is to be noted that there is a need to implement some concrete system of testing of passengers entering Gujarat by road through the health system. For the passengers coming from Valsad-Vapi, the team of health department is arranged on the highway from morning, but they do not have the authority to stop and test the vehicle.


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