Bride brutally murdered in Dwarka


  • In the incident that took place in Dwarka, a woman lost her life due to superstition
  • The woman was beaten with a hot chain because of superstition
  • Police have registered a case against the relatives of the deceased woman and started an investigation

Dwarka: In Dwarka’s Okha Madhi, a woman was stabbed to death with a hot iron chain. Cases of superstition are also being seen in the age of technology. A similar case has taken place in Dwarka in which a woman was allegedly beaten to death by her eyebrows by hitting her with a hot chain.

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According to the details received, Ramilaben Walabhai Solanki, 25, wife of a young man named Valabhai Makabhai Solanki, who lives in Arambada in Mithapur of Okhamandal, went to the Melody temple on Dwarka Highway in Okha Madhi. They had gone here for darshan in view of the Navratri festival. At this point they began to smoke.

Seeing Ramilaben’s condition, his family members Ramesh Lakhman Solanki, Arjun alias Bhuri Bharat Solanki, Versi Maka Solanki, Manu Vira Solanki and Bhavesh Maka Solanki said, “This is Masani’s melody. If not mine, it will kill us all.” The woman in the flaming chain was beaten after heating the chain in the stove with false superstition.

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Apart from this, the woman has also been confronted with burning wood embers. This was followed by the death of a seriously injured woman. Upon learning of the incident, a police team rushed to the spot. Based on the complaint of the woman’s husband Valabhai Solanki, the police have registered a case against her relative under Section 302 of the IPC. This phenomenon of superstition, which has taken place in modern times, is taking everyone by surprise.

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The police investigation will reveal who is responsible behind this incident. Apart from this, there could be big revelations as to whether the woman was being harassed in the family or not. The culprits responsible after the investigation could be sentenced to death.


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