A heart-wrenching operation was launched to find 7 fishermen missing at sea in Una’s Nawabbandar


  • More than 50 boats anchored off the coast of Nawabbandar
  • Fishermen jump into the sea at midnight to save their lives amidst the bouncing waves
  • Four of the 12 fishermen stranded at sea were rescued

Rajkot: More than 50 boats and 12 fishermen anchored at the jetty stormed the Una Nawabbandar on Wednesday night. Four of the sailors were rescued by locals at the risk of their lives. The body of a fisherman was found at Jamnagar and Porbandar as well as at Pipavav port on Thursday morning after an operation by the Navy and helicopters. However, seven fishermen are still missing at sea. A team from the Navy and Coast Guard conducted a daring operation until late in the evening to find him.

Una: A heartbreaking operation to find seven fishermen who went missing at sea

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According to eyewitnesses, the sea became rough with stormy winds. Due to which the boat anchored on the shore was strained. After which the fishermen also jumped out of the boat with a thermocol seat to save their lives in the darkness between the bouncing waves and the water. Twelve fishermen drowned due to high tide in the sea. Out of which four fishermen were safely evacuated from Ramji area. The body of one of the eight missing was found in the evening.

“The operation was carried out by a Coast Guard helicopter and an NDRF team,” Gir Somnath District Collector RG Gohil told our correspondent Times of India. The boat was separated from the ropes by strong winds and collided with each other before sinking. As a result, at least 10 boats were completely wrecked and 12 fishermen jumped into the sea. Four of them survived. At least 40 boats were anchored at the port, most of them with minor damage, locals told authorities.

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On Monday, Mawjithia, secretary of Nawabbandar, said, The fishermen were in their anchored boat at the time. ‘

Coastal areas of Gujarat witnessed a change in the weather on Wednesday and rains fell in some parts of the state, which is not normally seen in December. According to the meteorological department, low pressure on the Arabian Sea and western disturbances caused rains in Maharashtra and South Gujarat on Wednesday-Thursday. The Indian Meteorological Department has instructed fishermen not to plow the seas till Friday.


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