A friend of a well-known religious institution in Rajkot became entangled with ‘Gay’


  • Servant of a religious institution on Kalawad Road in the city caught in the honeytrap of a gay man
  • Police registered a crime and arrested 3, proposing to arrest the mastermind living in Bhopal
  • Probably the first time a gay person has set up a honeytrap, appealing to victims to file a complaint

Rajkot: A case has come to light in which a gay man trapped a temple servant on Kalawad Road in a honeytrap and demanded a ransom of Rs 4 crore. The local police have arrested 3 persons on the basis of the complaint and have intensified further investigation. As the main mastermind is absconding, the wheels have been set in motion to catch him.

According to media reports, a gay man befriended a servant working at a religious institution on Kalavad Road four months ago. The two soon became close friends and later, at the insistence of a gay man, the servant agreed to have sex with her. Her video was later captured on a spy camera while having sex. The gay man and his gang demanded a ransom of Rs 1.35 crore for threatening to make the video viral and the case eventually reached the police.

So the matter between the two parties came to a head but shortly after the settlement, the gang again threatened the temple servant with a ransom of Rs 4 crore and threatened to make the video viral. So the crime branch started investigation and finally arrested 3 members of the gang seeking ransom and later arrested 3 by the police on the complaint of the temple servant. .

The persons arrested by the Crime Branch include Chiman alias Munno Palji Gohil, Manoj alias Abhay Vinod Rathod and Bhojraj Singh alias Bhojubha Gambhir Singh Gohil. According to media reports, the ringleader of the gang is currently in Bhopal and action has been taken to nab him. Notably, there have been cases of young men being lured into a honeytrap by young women, but this is probably the first time that a honeytrap has been set up by a gay person! Police have also appealed to Honeytrap victims to lodge a complaint over the whole incident.


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