100% vaccination was done in Junagadh district, door-to-door vaccination was given in the hinterland


  • A total of 10,75,622 doses were given in each round of the covid vaccination procedure
  • Teams from the health department made face-to-face visits to the hinterland
  • Vaccines were also given to workers from other states

Rajkot: Junagadh is the first district in the state to have 100 per cent vaccination, despite the fact that a large part of the area, i.e. about 30 per cent of the area is forested.

Overcoming all obstacles, district health teams reached people’s homes and administered a total of 10,75,622 doses in each round of the covid vaccination procedure. He set a target of 10,47,502 doses, which were given at 287 sites

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District officials praised the perseverance of their team members, who maintained constant pressure with follow-ups and awareness campaigns to make this goal possible. The help of religious leaders and elected representatives was also sought. So, people are persuaded to get their vaccine in time.

Rachit Raj, District Collector, Junagadh, said, “It is the result of collective efforts, but special mention needs to be made of Asha workers and women health workers who played a key role. We wanted to turn our challenges into opportunities. I myself went to Girnar mountain and persuaded the chief priest to get vaccinated, after which he appealed to others to follow him. ‘

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Medical officers were assigned to oversee the operation of Primary Health Centers (PHCs). The talukas were divided into PACs and given time limits to achieve the target.

Junagadh is an agricultural district and most of the people live on their farms away from the villages. Most areas in the district are covered under forests, where there are no primary care centers. Teams from the health department visited such hinterlands face to face and organized night sessions with the help of local panchayat and police department whenever needed and continued vaccination at night. The health team visited a total of 2.22 lakh households to vaccinate people at home. He also vaccinated expatriate laborers who took the first dose from another district.


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