Women unsafe in Rajasthan!, a 64-year-old woman was raped by a 25-year-old man


  • The case is of Pidawa police station area of ​​Jhalawar district.
  • The accused is a bachelor, the police arrested the accused on the complaint of the victim
  • The woman was coming from the farm, then the young man caught and raped her

Jhalawar, Arjun Arvind
Questions are being raised about women’s safety continuously in Rajasthan. Such incidents of women’s atrocities and rape are coming to the fore in the state, which makes one think. The latest case is from Jhalawar district. Here in Jhalawar district of Rajasthan, a 25-year-old youth has raped a 64-year-old woman, making her a victim of lust. According to the information received, the woman was coming from the field when the accused caught her and misbehaved with her. On the complaint of the victim woman, the police arrested the accused and presented him in the court. Police will take 2 days remand to the accused.

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woman’s medical
The case of raping an elderly woman is of Pidawa police station area of ​​Jhalawar district. According to police station in-charge Ramnarayan, the police has got the victim medically done. The arrested accused is being closely interrogated by the police during the remand period. The station in-charge said that the accused youth is a bachelor. He is a resident of Peedhwa town. On the complaint of the woman, while searching for her immediately, the police caught the accused youth from Pidawa town itself.

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Saw the villagers coming, then the accused ran away
Pidawa police said that an old woman resident of the police station area has lodged a report that she was going from her farm to her village. Ranga alias Durgalal Dholi, a resident of Pidawa, who came on a bike from Pidawa on the road near Gardkhedi village, stopped him. The young man took him to a nearby field. where he raped her. At the same time, seeing two villagers coming there, the accused ran away.

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