Upen Yadav will be released today after getting bail, the court reprimanded the police

Jaipur: Unemployed leader Upen Yadav has received a big update in the incident of arrest just before the by-election from Sardarshahar in Churu district of Rajasthan. In the case of the arrest of Upen Yadav, the police of Rajasthan has been troubled. The court has accepted the bail application of Upen Yadav. Jaipur Commissionerate’s Shyam Nagar Police had sent Upen to Jaipur Central Jail by presenting him in the Sessions Court on Sunday, but the very next day on Monday, ADJ-6 Jaipur Metropolitan issued orders to release Upen Yadav on bail. However, Upen could not come out of jail on Monday due to time taken in paperwork after the release order was issued. Now Upen will come out of jail on Tuesday.

Police reprimanded for delay in presenting case diary
The Shyam Nagar police had deliberately delayed the submission of Upen Yadav’s case diary. Because of this, Judge Mahendra Pratap Vishnoi reprimanded the police. It was decided four days back that the hearing of this episode would be held on Monday. Despite this, the police did not present the case diary till 3 pm. After the court’s rebuke, the Shyam Nagar police presented the case diary at quarter to five. After this, orders were issued to grant bail to Upen Yadav. After the order of Justice Mahendra Pratap Vishnoi, the orders from the Upper Court had to be followed, but due to completion of the court’s time, the bail orders could not be sent to the jail.

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Wrongful arrest will also be heard
Upen Yadav’s advocate Ajay Kumar Jain said that the police arrested Upen in a conspiracy under the pressure of the government. Wrongfully arrested and kept in illegal custody. For this also an appeal has been filed in the court, which is yet to be heard. Advocate AK Jain told that Upen Yadav was taken into custody on 19 November while the arrest was shown on 21 November.

This comes under the category of illegal detention. Jain says that the case in which Upen was arrested was registered in the year 2016. Upen’s name is not there in the FIR. Upen is not mentioned in the challan presented in the year 2020 and the three accused against whom the investigation was kept pending after the challan was presented. Upen’s name is not there in that also. Despite this, Upen was arrested.

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Conspiracy to keep Sardar away from city by-election – supporters
Hanuman Chowdhary and Ravindra Chowdhary, supporters of Upen Yadav, president of the Rajasthan Unemployed Integrated Federation, say that Upen was arrested as part of a conspiracy by the government to keep him away from the by-elections. Voting is to be held for the by-election in Sardar city on December 5. Upen Sardar was about to rally the unemployed against the government in the city. To hide the displeasure of the unemployed, Upen was arrested in a five year old case in which Upen had no role to play. Now out of jail, Upen will show his might with double the gusto. (Report – Ramswaroop Lamrod, Jaipur)

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