The shocking act of a psycho lover, murdered a woman with an ax, then slept with the corpse for a quarter of an hour


  • MNREGA female worker murdered with an ax
  • The case of Thanwala village of Ahor police station area
  • Woman’s husband does business in Deshawar
  • The accused used to keep a wrong eye on the woman

Dilip Doody, Jalore
Women Crime in Rajasthan : Shocking cases related to women crime are continuously coming to the fore in Rajasthan. A similar incident has also come to light from Jalore district, which is heart-wrenching. In Thanwala village under Ahor police station area of ​​the district here on Sunday morning, a woman worker doing MGNREGA work was murdered by a young man with an axe. The accused has been taken into custody by the police. It is learned that the accused was keeping a wrong eye towards this woman for a long time. At the same time, the one-sided desire from the married woman made him a savage. According to the information received, while working at the MGNREGA site on Sunday, the accused reached there and killed the woman. According to the report given to the police, Gomaram son Nathuram Choudhary, a resident of Thanla, told that MNREGA work is going on in Jojawar Nadi in Thanwala village.
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Wrong eye on younger brother’s wife
In this, on Sunday 24 October, his younger brother Shantilal Choudhary’s wife Mrs. Shantidevi had gone to do MGNREGA work. Shanti Devi was doing MGNREGA work at around 11:30 in the day, 50-60 more workers were working there at that time. At the same time, Thanawala resident Ganesh’s son Thanaram Meena came there with an ax and a koot (sharp weapon). While working, went to Shanti Devi and shouted loudly that today I will kill you with my life, then he attacked Shanti Devi’s shoulder, neck and body from place to place with the intention of killing her. Did it Due to which Shantidevi fell, her neck was broken.

sleeping on dead body
After this, even after falling down the woman, he kept on attacking. At that time Nagibai wife Kasturaram Choudhary Thanwala and Tulsibai wife Jawanram Chaudhary and Jawanaram son Kasturaram Chaudhary resident Thanwala fell in the middle to rescue them after hearing the voice, then they also scuffled with them. After that Shanti Devi died on the spot due to serious injuries. The shocking thing after the incident was that even after the brutal murder of the woman, the accused Ganesh Meena slept on the dead body of Shanti Devi. Jawanaram told him this incident, then he reached the spot.

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was following for many days
According to the report, Ganesh Meena was following his younger brother’s wife Shantidevi for several days with the wrong intention. was doing wrong things. This information was given to her by her husband, he had also consulted Ganesh Meena, but he did not agree and eventually he killed her.

accused arrested
On getting information about the incident, a crowd gathered at the spot. Additional Superintendent of Police Anukreethy Ujjainiya, Vritdhikari Himmat Charan, Congress leader Savaram Patel along with reached the spot. The police have taken the accused into custody.

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