Rajasthan News: Bloody clash over land dispute in Jaipur, 8 attackers arrived in vehicles, 6 injured

Ramswaroop Lamoror, Jaipur
A bloody struggle broke out on Saturday midnight over a land dispute in Jobner town near Jaipur. There was a dispute between the two parties regarding the ownership of the land. One side was occupied, in order to get rid of the capture, the people of the other side launched a deadly attack. Half a dozen people were injured in the fight. Three of them have been admitted to Sawai Mansingh Hospital in Jaipur as their condition is critical. According to the victim’s side, after being brutally assaulted, the assailants mounted the jeep on an elderly man. Also set fire to cattle feed and enclosure.

The attackers came in 8 vehicles
Ramlal Kumawat’s family is in possession of the land situated on Jaipur Road. Ramlal’s family was sleeping when suddenly at around 11 o’clock in the night, the attackers who came in more than half a dozen vehicles attacked. Started brutally assaulting Ramlal’s family members. Along with this, vehicles parked at the house were vandalized and cattle feed and millet crop kept in the enclosure were set on fire. Ramlal Kumawat, Daluram, Kanaram, Yashpal and Nitesh have been injured in the fight. Daluram, Kanaram and Ramlal have been admitted to Sawai Mansingh Hospital in Jaipur due to serious injuries.

Police blockade was near the spot
There is a police blockade point on Jaipur Road in Jobner where the deadly attack took place. On Saturday night also, the police were stationed on the blockade, but when the attack took place at 11 pm, the police were missing from there. The aggrieved party has accused the police of collusion. Additional SP of Dudu, Dr. Tejpal, who came to the spot, said that at 11 o’clock in the night a truck had escaped by breaking the blockade, so the police stationed in the blockade went to chase that truck. This talk of the police is not being accepted by anyone.

6 accused attackers including sarpanch arrested
On the complaint of the victim Ramlal, the Jobner police have registered a case under sections of attempt to murder, conspiracy and land grabbing. Sarpanch Jagdish Prasad, Ramchandra Kudi, Nandaram Kudi, Rajendra Kumawat, Ramjeevan Yadav and Hanuman Yadav have been arrested. Preliminary investigation revealed that the land ownership dispute was going on for a long time. A complaint has also been registered from both the sides in Jobner police station but the police did not take any action.


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