Rajasthan News : 3 times, mother sold for 30 lakhs, minor girl was a victim of sexual abuse for 7 years


  • With the efforts of Child Welfare Committee President, now Kaliyugi mother and other accused will eat jail air
  • Sexual abuse with a minor girl from neighboring district Bhilwara for the last 7
  • Real mother did not show mercy to daughter

Bundi, Arjun Arvind
Cases of crime against women are continuously coming to the fore in the state. At the same time, how the woman itself becomes the enemy of women. A living example of this has come to the fore in the state. It is learned that whoever heard the story of sexual abuse of a minor girl from neighboring district Bhilwara in the last 7 years was shaken. The painful story of her real mother selling the girl child at the age of 9 for 20 lakh rupees has shaken everyone.

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Bundi Bal Kalyan Samiti took cognizance
It is noteworthy that during the age of children to play, there was cruelty and cruelty in the form of sexual abuse with the victim minor. In the last 7 years, a minor girl was sold 3 times by her mother. When the matter came to the notice of Boondi Balkalyan Samiti President Seema Poddar. Since then, in the ongoing proceedings, the veil is slowly rising from the cruelty of the minor girl. Not only this, the accused mother, the main gangster and another accused have also been caught by the Nagpur Police. The Nagpur Police was engaged in the arrest of the accused from Bundi and Bhilwara for the last two days regarding the matter.

this is the case
The case of selling a 16-year-old minor girl on behalf of her real mother thrice in the last 7 years has come to light recently. However, in the month of August, a woman had lodged a missing complaint of a minor girl at Dablana police station in Bundi district. After that, the Dablana police, showing readiness with the help of Nagpur police, recovered the minor from the Lakarganj area. After that the girl was produced before the Child Welfare Committee.

mother banned
From where from September 8 to September 14, she was sent to the Girls Correctional Home on the orders of the CWC. Was produced before the Child Welfare Committee on 25 September. After interrogation there, he was handed over to his mother. Along with taking care of the girl child by the Child Welfare Committee, her mother was also barred from registering her daily attendance at Mandalgarh police station.

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nagpur police arrested mother and main gangster
After being handed over to her mother by the Child Welfare Committee, the minor girl went away with her mother in confidence once again. The mother again tried to sell the girl child in the name of marriage. Earlier, the mother had sold the girl three times. The girl had reached Nagpur with her 4 year old brother with the help of her grandmother. On reaching Lakadganj Nagpur Police Station, the girl told her complete story.

Sold for the first time for 20 lakh rupees
In this, he, along with two brokers and his mother, sold it for the first time for 20 lakh rupees. Again 10 lakh rupees were sold to him. Her mother used to beat her younger brother too. Nagpur Police, after seriously discussing in favor of the child, along with the child welfare committee, registered a case under Section 370, 372, 373, 376, 344 sub-section 6, 8, 12 POCSO 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 . A team of 11 people came and arrested 3 people including his mother along with CWC.

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