Jaipur News: Gold worth Rs 31.43 lakh seized from a passenger who reached Jaipur from Dubai

Jaipur: Customs officials seized gold worth Rs 31.43 lakh from a passenger arriving from Dubai at the Jaipur International Airport. An official of the department said that the value of gold weighing 582.200 grams seized from the passenger has been estimated at Rs 31 lakh 43 thousand 880. He said, “The gold was hidden in the ’emergency light’ by a passenger who reached Jaipur from Dubai by plane on Monday night.”
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Similarly, some time ago, at this airport, a passenger smuggler was caught smuggling gold by hiding it in the internal part of the body (rectum). But failed to deceive the eye of the customs officials. Giving information about the smuggler, Jaipur Customs Officer BB Atal had said that he had reached the airport at 9.15 pm on January 30. He had come from Dubai by SpiceJet flight number SG-713. A passenger was stopped on suspicion by the customs officials.
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gold was hidden inside the body

During the personal search of the passenger, when passed through the X-ray machine, a yellow colored granular paste packed in two transparent polythene capsules was found hidden inside the body i.e. inside the rectum. On which the customs officials took action and extracted gold paste of 99.50 percent purity weighing 512.7 grams. The value of gold extracted from the smuggler’s body is said to be Rs 25,37,865. Which was seized under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962.

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