Creepy conspiracy against brother-in-law-wife to become a millionaire, betel nut … The web of accident and murder will shake lives

Jaipur: How greed for money makes a person blind. The latest example of this came to the fore in Jaipur on Wednesday. Here a husband got his wife and brother-in-law murdered for insurance of Rs 1.90 crore. The conspiracy hatched for the murder was surprising. Actually, earlier this whole matter was related to the road accident, but when the police investigated, then the whole story of this murder case came to the fore. After the disclosure of the incident, the husband has been arrested by the police on the charge of murder. Apart from the husband, three other people have also been caught by the police in this conspiracy.

Siblings died in an accident on October 5
The matter pertains to Harmada police station of Jaipur. Here on October 5, a brother and sister riding a scooty had died after being hit by a car. According to the police officer, Shalu died on the spot in the accident. Whereas Shalu’s brother Raju Daslaniya died in the hospital. DCP Vandita Rana (West) told that when the entire matter was investigated, the police suspected murder. Investigation revealed that Mahesh, husband of 36-year-old deceased Shalu, had recently got his wife insured for Rs 1.90 crore. The condition of the insurance was that if Shalu dies in a road accident, then Mahesh will get this money. After getting suspicious, the police investigated from this angle, then this whole conspiracy of murder was exposed.

Shalu was married to accused Mahesh Chand in the year 2015. In the year 2017, Shalu gave birth to a daughter. After this, these people started living separately. But in the year 2022, there was a reconciliation between the two once again. It was revealed in the police investigation that the accused husband Mahesh was involved in getting close to Shalu in 2022. He started talking to the deceased on the phone. Also went to his house in April. Accused husband Mahesh then promised his wife that he would take her home after some time. In the year 2022, Mahesh Chand got his wife insured. It is believed that only then Mahesh had made a plan to kill his wife.

Death spoke about the wish
According to the police, the accused Mahesh Chand, after meeting his wife, had told her that he had spoken a vow to Balaji. He is busy in completing some such work, which is not being done for a long time. For this, Shalu will have to go on a bike for regular darshan of Balaji 11 times, so that the vow is fulfilled. Meanwhile, Mahesh had told his wife that I will take you with me. Don’t tell this to anyone. After this Shalu started going to visit Balaji. Mahesh used to know when Shalu used to go for darshan.

Conspiracy to kill wife given to history sheeter
Mahesh told the police that he had given a betel nut to a history-sheeter friend Mukesh for Rs 10 lakh to kill his wife. He was given an advance of Rs 5.50 lakh. The history-sheeter, along with his friends, hit Shalu and his brother with a car on October 5, after which Shalu died on the spot. A total of six people were involved in this conspiracy along with Mahesh. Mukesh Singh is a history sheeter of Malviya Nagar police station in Jaipur. He has 13 cases of rape and assault registered against him.

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