Bharatpur gang used to make dent on the sugar being exported from UP to London, exposed

Bharatpur: There is such a gang active in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, who takes a contract to supply goods from a transport company by preparing fake documents. Under the guise of this contract, this gang has been caught carrying goods worth lakhs here and there. This time this gang burgled the sugar being exported from Uttar Pradesh to London via Gujarat. However, exposing the gang, a member of the gang has been arrested. Bharatpur Police has busted a gang involved in burglary in sugar being exported from Uttar Pradesh to London. Regarding this, the Unchha Nagla police post of Bharatpur has seized a truck and arrested its driver. After information from the informer, this action was taken on the Uttar Pradesh border.

In the middle of this, there is a dent in the sugar going to London.

According to the police, the sugar seized from the gang was to be sent to London via Kandla port in Gujarat. For this, this crook gang of Bharatpur had taken a contract from the transport company of Gujarat. Sugar was supplied by trucks from Shahjahanpur sugar mill in Uttar Pradesh to Kandla port in Gujarat. But in the middle of the way, the number plates of the trucks are changed. And after this, sugar going to London via Kandla Kandla port in Gujarat would be sold midway.

The case was registered by the transport company in Gujarat
Krishna Hooda, the owner of a transport company from Gandhidham, Gujarat, had complained to the police regarding one such theft. Hooda, who traveled from Shahjahanpur Sugar Mills in Uttar Pradesh to London via Kandla, had filed a case on January 20. In this case it came to light that a truck from Bharatpur had disappeared mid way with sugar worth about ₹15 lakh. After checking the documents of the truck which had taken the contract to supply sugar, it turned out to be fake. The number plate of the truck was also fake.

The sugar truck would have disappeared again, but was caught like this The miscreant arrested by Bharatpur police has been identified as Samay Singh Gurjar, resident of Ujjain Bharatpur. Apart from this, Uttar Pradesh Police has reached Bharatpur after getting information. And along with a truck full of sugar, the accused has been arrested. ASI Rajkumar of Chiksana police station said that information was received from the informer that a truck was carrying sugar from Shahjahanpur sugar mill in the truck. But the number plate has been changed and is trying to sell the sugar midway. After this, the police confiscated the truck at the Uncha Nagla border.

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