Before the by-elections in Rajasthan, BJP gave a big blow to the Congress. On the other hand, RLP played a big bet by fielding a Jat candidate.

Jaipur : Political mercury has started rising before the by-elections in Sardarshahar assembly seat (Sardarshahar ByElection 2022) of Churu district of Rajasthan. Before the by-elections, the BJP has made a dent in the Congress. Shyamlal Sharma, brother of late Congress MLA late Bhanwarlal Sharma, has joined BJP. Shyamlal Sharma is a Panchayat Samiti member and defeated Manohari Devi, wife of his elder brother Bhanwarlal Sharma. Along with Shyamlal, many local leaders including Panchayat Samiti head Nirmala Rajpurohit joined the BJP. Congress’s difficulties have increased due to the joining of many members of Panchayat Samiti and local leaders including Bhanwarlal Sharma’s house in BJP.

RLP made the by-election triangular by fielding Jat candidate
The National Democratic Party fielded the Jat candidate in the Sardarshahar by-election. The party’s convenor Hanuman Beniwal nominated Lalchand Mund as the RLP’s candidate and the nomination rally was attended by thousands of people. Lalchand Moond is the dairy chairman continuously for the last five years. He is also a former Sarpanch and his wife is the present Sarpanch. If Munda enters the fray, a lot of votes of the Jat community will go in his favor. According to the local people, the people of Jat community are angry with BJP and Congress. Now they have got their candidate. During the nomination rally, Hanuman Beniwal said that BJP and Congress are thugs in the name of development.

Sardarshahar Byelection: Will Jats spoil the BJP-Congress game on this seat of Rajasthan? RLP can run big bet
RLP candidate will cause more damage to BJP
BJP has given ticket to former MLA Ashok Pincha in Sardar city by-election. BJP has given ticket to Pincha 6 times. Pincha faced defeat in the last five elections, while winning only once in the 2008 elections. Pincha belongs to Jat community and this time many Jat claimants had demanded ticket from BJP but the party again gave ticket to Pincha. This angered many leaders of the society. Now these angry votes may go towards RLP. In such a situation, BJP will have to bear the loss while Congress will get its benefit. Even though the BJP has included the family members of the Congress candidate in the party, the RLP will cause a big loss to the BJP.

Sardarshahar upchunav: Congress trusts Anil and BJP trusts Ashok, this bet of RLP will spoil the game!
Congress on sympathy
Congress has fielded Anil Sharma, son of late Congress MLA Bhanwarlal Sharma. Like every time, this time also the card of sympathy has been played. Anil Sharma is more likely to get sympathy votes. In such a situation, they can be considered strong. Second, if the BJP will be harmed by fielding a Jat candidate from the RLP, Congress candidate Anil Sharma will also directly benefit from it. RLP had secured more than 10,000 votes in the last elections also. This time Lalchand Mund is said to be more influential than former candidate Baldev. BJP, Congress and RLP all the three parties are trying hard to make their candidates win. On whom does the public stamp on 5th December? This is something to be seen.
Report – Ramswaroop Lamrod, Jaipur

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