A group of Hindu pilgrims reached Ajmer after walking 1050 KM, their special connection with Akbar, know what

Ajmer: A beautiful example of Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb has come to the fore in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Here, an 11-member group of Hindu pilgrims from Maharashtra has arrived at the Dargah of Sufi saint Hazrat Khwaja Garib Nawaz Rahmatullah Alaihi. This group of Hindu pilgrims reached Ajmer Sharif in 24 days after traveling on foot. It is being told that for the last 6 consecutive years, this group reaches the world famous Ajmer Dargah from Dandi Palghar in Maharashtra. After traveling 1050 kilometers on foot from Palghar on 3rd November, this group has once again reached Ajmer. Here, Dr. Syed Nazmul Hasan Chishti, the elder Khadim of the dargah, welcomed everyone in the Ahta Noor premises by garlanding them with flowers and blessed them with blessings.

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Jatha member Vishwanath Davde told that for the last 6 years he and he along with them have been coming from Palghar to Khwaja Saheb’s bargah. Will come again next year and complete 7 years. He told that Akbar used to come to Ajmer on foot by Khwaja Saheb, to continue the same process, he comes to Ajmer on foot from Maharashtra and we also pray for those who help us financially. For them too, we come on foot and pray for them from Khwaja Garib Nawaz. Member Jitendra Tandele said that the 11 members who came to Ajmer had penned a chadar kalma decorated with the tricolor of Khwaja Saheb’s Mazar Mubarak Aqeedat. Makka Madina Sharif has been presented.

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The journey from Maharashtra to Ajmer is being done with the intention of making a special prayer for peace in the country in Khwaja Saheb’s bargah. Ziyarat Sayyid Jawwad Chishti got the members of the group conducted in the Dargah and gifted Tabrukh by doing Dastarbandi. Sachin Dolekar, Moreshwar Tamor, Anat Dhulsada, Yashwant Dhulsada, Boy Dhulsada, Akshay Ghatal, Hanif Shaikh, Amir Shaikh and Anand Rajput etc. were included in the batch.
Report: Dinesh Gehlot

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