Vinayak Mete Accident: Accident of Vinayak Mete; Sensational allegations against the driver by nephew

Vinayak Mete Accident: There are many discussions about the death or accident of Shiv Sangram organization president Vinayak Mete. However, now his nieces and nephews have also made different kinds of new allegations. Vinayak Mete had an accident on the expressway. He died in this accident. The government has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

Vinayak Mete’s nephew Balasaheb Chavan has accused the driver of the accident. The cause of the accident was not ascertained. The driver is changing his statement daily. So we have doubts. He has not recovered from the grief of the death but after 3 days we have decided to come before the media.

After the accident I got a phone call. Mete has 3 drivers. At first I didn’t know who the driver was. When I came to know that Eknath Kadam is the driver, I called him. I asked him his location. I was wondering who are you talking about daily driver. I kept asking him to tell me the location but he just kept crying. He gave the phone to a 33-year-old who told me that an ambulance had arrived, he explained.

All the fault lies with the driver Eknath Kadam. We did not see anywhere on CCTV. This driver was constantly calling someone. The driver’s niece has also made a sensational allegation that they want the call details of whom the driver was in contact with. The truck driver has been arrested from Daman in Gujarat. This truck belongs to Palghar and the truck owner has identified the truck driver. Raigad police had formed six teams to investigate the accident. After that the truck which caused this accident was identified. 



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