Vikram Gokhale Death: Last Farewell to ‘Nut Emperor’; Veteran actor Vikram Gokhale will join Anant

Vikram Gokhale passes away :  Veteran actor Vikram Gokhale passed away today. He was being treated in the intensive care unit at Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune for the past four days. But he died during treatment. Due to the death of Vikram Gokhale, a feeling of loss of an era of acting is being expressed. Even at the age of 77, he had not given up his passion for acting. He was cremated at Vaikunth Crematorium in Pune at seven o’clock in the evening. Pune Guardian Minister Chandrakant Patil, actor Kishore Kadam, actor Subodh Bhave and many others attended the funeral of Vikram Gokhale. Vikram Gokhale was a university of acting. For the past many years, he had played important roles not only in Marathi but also in Bollywood. It was a university for budding artists. Due to deteriorating health, he was being treated at Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune for the past few days. His family also informed that his condition is improving yesterday. However, he passed away this afternoon. 

The death of a versatile artist like Vikram Gokhale is being expressed from all walks of life. Many people in the acting field have paid tribute to him by sharing their memories on social media. Nana Patekar, Sharad Ponkshe have also paid tribute to him by tweeting. His departure has spread mourning in Marathi cinema. 

‘The nut goes but the role remains’ this dialogue of his in Nut Samrat has come true today. Many of his roles made us laugh, understand, show discipline and sometimes make us cry. But he had a different impression in all the roles. He used to leave his mark in every role. Today he said goodbye to the world. But he will always be remembered by the audience for his multifaceted role. 

Crowd of fans at Balgandharva Rangmandir
Vikram Gokhale’s body was kept at Balgandharva Natyamandir for last darshan. At this time, actors and fans had gathered in a huge crowd for his last darshan. Many also shared their memories. Actors and fans bid farewell to him with tears in their eyes. 

Political Leaders Tribute
Senior actors who dominated the Marathi and Hindi theater as well as the film industry and the hearts of the audience with their witty performances. Deeply saddened by the demise of Vikram Gokhale. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has said that his departure has caused an irreparable loss to the Indian theater and film industry. Devendra Fadnavis has said that with the death of Vikram Gokhale, the acting university has been lost.

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