Vijay Mane : What’s wrong with me that I look like the Chief Minister?; What will Pune Police answer in duplicate Eknath Shinde case?

Pune Vijay Mane News: Current Chief Minister of the state Eknath Shinde  () in the High Court  (Bombay High Court) had run. Vijay Mane approached the Bombay High Court demanding that the case filed against him in Pune be quashed. What is wrong with me that I look like the Chief Minister? Saying this, he has appealed to the court. The case has been handed over to the Pune Police. A notice has been issued to the police in this regard.

The court has directed the Pune police to give their reply on this matter by October 18. The hearing was held before a bench of Justice Revathi Mohite-Dhere and Justice Modak. The court has given this direction during this hearing. But what will the Pune police do now?, everyone’s attention has turned to this.

‘The Chief Minister’s image is getting tarnished’
The photo of Vijay Mane posing as CM Eknath Shinde wearing the same attire, beard and clothes as Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has gone viral on social media, Bundagarden Police said. Got to Thane. After that, when the officers of the anti-extortion squad two of the police, who were patrolling, got information through social media, the police got a photo. In that photo, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde was standing and the inn criminal Sharad Mohol was seen sitting in a chair. The political atmosphere was ignited by this. Shinde’s supporters say that the image of the Chief Minister is tarnished due to Vijay Mane.

Taking serious note of this  On the charge of deceiving Vijay Nand Kumar Mane by pretending to be Chief Minister, the Pune City Crime Branch has registered Section 419 (cheating), Section 469 (false, forged documents or documents with forged signatures), Section 500 (defamation, defamation) ) A case has been registered under this section. Mane, Adv. Filed by Asim Sarode. 

The petition claimed that the action taken by the police against Vijay Mane was rash, wrong and illegal. Therefore, it was demanded through the petition that this crime should be quashed. The petition was soon heard in the High Court and now Pune The court has asked the police to answer.


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