Varuna Drone: Drone created by the youth of Chakan, easy to reach remote areas, will enter the fleet of Navy

Pune Varuna Drone : A person is stuck in a remote area, it is not possible for the rescue team to reach there. In such a situation, if the drone reaches there and the person is rescued by sitting in the same drone. After reading this you will think that we are telling the story of a movie. But the amazing story is about to come true soon. This truth can be seen and experienced by everyone through Varuna Drone. Because this Varuna drone is getting ready to join the fleet of Indian Navy. Accordingly, Varuna drone demonstration was conducted in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This unique drone is manufactured by Sagar Defense Engineering Company in Pune.

Chakan MIDC already has an international reputation. Now Sagar Defense Engineering Company has added more to it. After four consecutive years of hard work, he has created the Varuna drone. Mridul Babbar, the co-founder of the company said that the challenge that Indian Navy had set before them is now coming true. To move an object or even a person from one boat to another. Can we build a drone for that? This is the question that Navy raised before us. We have reached here while searching for its answer. For this purpose, this unique drone was created by fighting many ideas and performing different experiments. which can fly up to a height of one km. It covers a distance of 20 to 25 km. It can travel for 25 to 30 minutes on a single charge. This drone can cover a distance of 36 km in half an hour. A person weighing 130 kg or an important object can be moved. To avoid any disruption in remote areas, three modes of operation such as automatic, remote or computer have been provided. These precautions have been taken in terms of security in accordance with the emergency situation. For this, 16 motors have been installed in the drone, even if four of the motors stop, this drone can reach a safe place. Moreover, even if one of the four computers that operate the motor fails, a safe journey can be made. Not one, but eight batteries are available in the drone, making it fly on battery only without fuel. The company’s engineer Saurabh Patil has claimed that the first test of this unique drone was successful. He has expressed confidence that this drone will be successful in the next phase of tests.  This Indian-made Varuna drone will soon enter the fleet of the Indian Navy. So don’t be surprised if you see a rescue operation by this Varuna drone in an emergency situation.

Let’s see what are the features of Varuna drone. 

– Takes flight up to 1 km height.
– Covers a distance of 20 to 25 km
– Travels in 25 to 30 minutes.
– Completes a journey of 36 km in half an hour.
– A person weighing 130 kg or an important object can be moved.
– It can be operated in three ways such as automatic, remote or computer.
– Even if four of the 16 motors stop, the drone can reach a safe place.
– Even if one of the four computers operating the motor malfunctions, a safe journey can be made.
– It takes flight on battery only without fuel, this is special…
– Eight safety batteries are available. 

Our correspondent Najim Mulla reviewed the Varuna drone… Watch full video

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