Unmanned Boat DRDO : An unmanned boat equipped with weapons made by DRDO; Remote control at sea

Unmanned Boat DRDO : An unmanned boat equipped with weapons made by DRDO;  Remote control at sea

Unmanned Boat DRDO : Maharashtra in Pune (Pune) tested three remote unmanned boats, armed boats. The test was conducted in Pune ahead of the major defense exhibition DefExpo-2022. It tested three remote-controlled armed boats. Done without a single person on the boat.

Since there were no humans on the boat, the video feed was made to the ground control station. DRDO Research Group Director P.M. Naik said. This boat is useful for reconnaissance and patrolling. Weapons can also be mounted on boats during any mutiny. He also clarified that we are currently testing it at Bhama Askhed Dam to boost the confidence of our team.

These boats are useful for surveillance, patrolling and overall maritime security. Moreover, the boats have an endurance of about four hours and currently can go at a maximum speed of 10 nautical miles/hour, which can be further extended to 25 nautical miles. Some types of these boats use electric propulsion systems with lithium batteries, while others have petrol engines. DefExpo-2022, which was postponed in March, will now be held from October 18 to 22 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He also said that preparations are underway.


Maharashtra: DRDO tested 3 remotely controlled unmanned, weaponized boats in Pune, ahead of DefExpo-2022

With no human on vessel, video feed will be transferred to ground control station; useful for surveillance: Group Director PM Naik, Research & Development Establishment, DRDO (5.10) pic.twitter.com/FGCqDJFpG8

— ANI (@ANI) October 6, 2022


What is the characteristic of the boat?

This unmanned boat of DRDO runs on electric and motor engines and can continuously patrol the water for 24 hours at a time. DRDO has used special technology to protect this boat from enemies. If the boat is captured by an enemy, its control panels will automatically be destroyed. So that no confidential information or important data gets into the hands of the enemy. The enemy trying to enter the country’s maritime boundary through this boat can be eliminated through a button sitting in the control room. 

Apart from surveillance with the help of radar system, this boat can also work in anti-submarine warfare and mine countermeasures. Developed by a company called Sagar Defense Engineering in collaboration with DRDO, it is completely made in India. Equipped with surveillance cameras and weapons, the unmanned boat, once released at sea, will be controlled remotely by remotes, computers and satellites. A 360 degree view of 1 km around the boat floating on the water can be seen sitting in the control room.

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