Tanaji Sawant : I apologize to the Maratha community; Apologies from Tanaji Sawant

Tanaji Sawant: State Health Minister Tanaji Sawant, who made offensive statements on Maratha reservation, has finally apologized. While talking to ABP Mazha, Tanaji Sawant said that he would have apologized to the Maratha community. "As soon as the power was transferred, the opponents of the Maratha reservation (maratha reservation) Why the itch for the topic?"the statement Tanaji Sawant (Tanaji Sawant) was done. After that the Maratha society had become aggressive. But if the sentiments of my Maratha community have been hurt, then I apologize to the entire Maratha community, Tanaji Sawant has apologized for his statement. 

Many got jobs according to Maratha reservation. However, during the Mahavikas Aghadi government, reservation was canceled in six months. At that time, no one took out a march on the canceled reservation, did not speak the language of agitation. We were having discussions with the people of Maratha Kranti Morcha. What should be done to get reservation? Was thinking about it. But now when the Shinde-Fadnavis government came, they started the language of agitation. He has also accused the opposition that everyone knows who is behind this.

"Maratha reservation should be given. But we want sustainable reservation. So it will not be cheap without reservation. Our meeting is going on in this regard. Our position is clear that we need some time to decide on this. We will take a decision after talking to everyone." He also clarified that. 

We also tried for reservation during Mahavikas Aghadi government. I was also part of that government but it was our tragedy that the Chief Minister did not have time to meet us at that time. We tried to express our opinion repeatedly at that time as well. He has said that the stand that the Maratha community should get sustainable reservation was also at that time and is firm on it today. He has made it clear that he wants permanent educational and economic reservation that will not be cancelled. 

"A misunderstanding has arisen among the leaders of the Maratha community that I malign the Maratha community. But they are also my brothers and I apologize to them too. I am not changing my position after the change of power. We want reservation and strive for it." This is what he said. 

What was the controversial statement?
Earlier Maratha reservation was stuck in Duttapi politics. But the Maratha community will get reservation during our tenure of power. The issue of Maratha reservation should be taken out now and those who are spoiling the environment should be identified. Why was he silent for so long? Why did they itch the subject of Maratha reservation now? Such a statement was made by Tanaji Sawant in a worker meeting in Osmanabad. After that the Maratha community took an aggressive stand against them.

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