Supriya Sule on Vedanta-Foxconn : Lollipop was given to Maharashtra… NCP’s ‘Lollipop Movement’ in Pune against the state government

Supriya Sule on vedanta foxconn Project :  Supriya Sule) was protested by NCP holding lollipops in hand. The protest was held near the Rani statue of Jhansi near Jungli Maharaj Road in Pune. 

"What did Maharashtra get? Lollipop Lollipop.." He did this movement by shouting such unique slogans. NCP leaders are always holding different kinds of agitations to criticize the state government. This time he demonstrated by taking lollipops. The politics of Maharashtra is now heating up due to the Foxconn project. Leaders are alleging that the semiconductor project, which was finalized during the Mahavikas Aghadi government, went to Gujarat because of the BJP. After taking this project out of Maharashtra, the central government has given an assurance that bigger projects will be given to Maharashtra. But this promise is false. NCP says that Maharashtra has been given a lollipop in all this. 

The project went to Gujarat instead of Maharashtra due to inefficiency of the government: Supriya Sule
Vedanta Foxconn Group’s 1 lakh 54 thousand crore project was going to come in Maharashtra. But due to the inefficiency of the government, this project will go to Gujarat instead of Maharashtra, due to which thousands of youths in Maharashtra will become unemployed, expressed the opinion of Supriya Sule. Vedanta-Foxconn Company has shifted its project to Gujarat. Due to this, the Shinde government is heavily criticized by the opposition. The refinery project in Ratnagiri has been stalled since 2018. Will the refinery project in Konkan also go out of Maharashtra? Such fear has arisen.

‘Appoint two Chief Ministers but don’t take away the jobs of Marathi youth’
Vedanta Foxconn project has gone to Gujarat, the youth rights of Maharashtra have lost their jobs. It is this attitude that drives the move. Supriya Sule also made a rude remark that the state needs a serious Chief Minister to protect the rights of Marathi people and Maharashtra and appoint two Chief Ministers if time permits but do not take away the employment of Marathi youth. 

ED Govt took away the grass of right: Pradeep Deshmukh 
This project with an investment of about 1 lakh 58 thousand crore rupees with the potential to create more than one to one and a half lakh jobs in the state went outside Maharashtra. The Maha Vikas Aghadi government has completed everything smoothly and this project Maharashtra. NCP spokesperson Pradeep Deshmukh alleged that the ED government has taken away the rights of the youth.

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