Supriya Sule On Rss : RSS Guided BJP has created gap in society; Supriya Sule’s venomous criticism

Supriya Sule On Rss :  MP Supriya Sule criticizes RSS-led BJP as creating gap in society (Supriya sule) has done it. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to the RSS as a guide (Rss) is known. They don’t want to admit that inflation has increased, they are all pretending to be asleep about it. It is said that if we talk about inflation, a gap starts to appear in the society. But he also criticized that we have not created a gap in the society, the RSS-led BJP has created a gap in the society.

Khasdar Supriya Sule was on a visit to Baramati today. His tour was starting in Zilla Parishad constituency of Baramati taluka. During this visit, Supriya Sule went to Shirsai temple in Shirsuphal village and had darshan of Shirsai Devi. As the Navratri festival was going on, Supriya Sule took darshan and performed aarti in the temple. Then he made this criticism while talking to the media. 

He who is a senior leader of RSS has commented on inflation. I welcome them. Some things are very important for reality and country. I have been talking about inflation, unemployment and the state of the economy for years. Without bringing any politics into it, I welcome the point raised by RSS today. This issue is important for the country. MP Supriya Sule said that the government needs to be serious.

‘Palakmintri is not from the district’
Shinde-Fadnavis has usurped power. Those in power do not want to serve the people. The Guardian Minister is also not from our district. However, he also targeted the Guardian Minister of Pune, Chandrakant Patil, saying that development works should be done despite everything. Election of Parishad, Panchayat Samiti and Municipal Corporation should be done soon. Citizens are facing problems. Decentralization of power is necessary. So, he has requested that elections be held as soon as possible.

‘Coming to BJP gives you a good night’s sleep’
Something is brewing in Sanjay Raut’s case. There was a news. More than 90 percent of the cases in the country are of these opponents. There has been an increase in action against those who speak against it. But those who have come to Bharatiya Janata Party say the same thing, we have come to BJP and now we can sleep peacefully. 

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