Supriya Sule on Pune traffic News: Supriya Sule directly addressed to Nitin Gadkari for the people of Pune, said…

Supriya Sule Pune traffic News:  NCP MP Supriya Sule has made a special request to the Union Minister Nitin Gadkari for the people of Pune. He has commented on the traffic problems of Punekars  After the Pune-Bangalore National Highway, he has demanded that a solution be found to the problems faced by the citizens on the Pune-Satara Highway. He has made this demand by tweeting.

What did he write in the tweet?
The Pune-Satara highway is in bad condition at places. This highway passes through urban areas. The condition of the service road is also deplorable in many places. Due to this, the citizens are also facing traffic jams in many places. The drivers as well as the citizens living in the area have to bear the problem of the bad condition of the road. Union Minister of Roads and Highways Nitinji Gadkari has written in a tweet that he humbly requests that we should give appropriate instructions to the concerned to solve these problems and take safety measures on the Pune-Satara highway.


In this regard Union Minister of Roads and Highways Nitinji Gadkari, I humbly request you to solve these problems and give proper instructions to the concerned for safety measures on Pune-Satara highway. @nitin_gadkari @OfficeOfNG @NHAI_Official

— Supriya Sule (@supriya_sule) August 4, 2022


Earlier they used to carry a large amount of traffic on the Pune-Bangalore National Highway. This traffic causes noise pollution. Many citizens suffer from this pollution. Therefore, there was a demand from many organizations in Pune that a soundproof wall/barrier should be erected on the highway from Wakad to Narhe to free the citizens from this problem. MP Supriya Sule demanded Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to look into the issue of noise pollution or their problems. Supriya Sule had informed about this by tweeting a letter.

She often comments on the traffic congestion in the city. Talking on various issues. This time, however, he has raised the issue of Pune’s road directly to Nitin Gadkari. Due to the ongoing work of metro in Pune, there is traffic jam in many areas. Due to heavy rainfall this year, the amount of gravel on the road has also increased. Often Pune Taxes had given complaints, but now that Supriya Sule has raised her voice, it will be important to see if the roads will be repaired.

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