Supriya Sule : Jitendra Awada should fight without resigning; Supriya Sule’s support to Ahwada

Supriya Sule:  Jitendra Awada (jitendra Awhad) should not resign, the people of Mumbra have elected Awhad. His work in his constituency is very good, so no matter what happens, he should not resign, said MP Supriya Sule (Supriya sule) has done. She was speaking in Pune. Jayant Patil and Ajit Pawar have also spoken to him on behalf of the NCP. So they should fight in all these situations. He said that we all have requested the people not to feel bad under any circumstances. 

Supriya Sule said, "I have seen Jitendra Awhad’s video four or five times. Why did you come to that woman in the crowd, go home? It seems to say so. It is seen that politics is on fire now. It is unfortunate that the level of politics is declining. Chief Minister, local MP, police system is all around. Allegations are made against the Chief Minister when he is in the same place. It is extremely painful."

When we women enter politics, we do not expect to be treated differently as women. It is the misfortune of Maharashtra that such lies are spread that when a woman is really in need, no one comes to her aid. I request every politician to control themselves and their words while they are doing politics. Supriya Sule said that law should not be a tool of oppression but a tool of justice.

Supriya Sule further said that I think it is right not to comment on BJP State President Chandrasekhar Bawankule. In the progressive Maharashtra where I live, the fight against superstitions started from Pune, it is never right to say too much about people who speak and believe in the same witchcraft.

Maharashtra state. Many leaders in the state about elections  are talking She also said that if they want, hold elections. They allege that we do boxes, but the opposition is saying that we are not 50 boxes, but 200 boxes. We spoke 50 boxes instead of 200 so have they been insulted?, said Supriya Sule.

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