Supriya Sule : BJP was a Janata Party, but now it has become a ‘laundry’; Supriya Sule’s scathing criticism

Supriya Sule In Pune :  Earlier BJP was a party but now this party has become a laundry, says NCP MP Supriya Sule (supriya sule). That Pune (Pune) was speaking. He also explained that there were ideological differences between him and us for many years, but there was no bitterness in the relationship. BJP does not have real leaders but more leaders from outside parties. They are seen on many platforms of their programs. Many big leaders from Nationalist Party, Shiv Sena and Congress joined Bharatiya Janata Party. He has also thanked the Bharatiya Janata Party saying that the party gave him a great opportunity.

Pune is changing the city with the right tagline: Supriya Sule
Pune is changing the city with the right tagline. Pun is truly changing. We are seeing this. Things like garbage, flood situation, water logging which never used to happen are happening now. Therefore, we have looked at the tagline that Pune city is changing in a good sense, but we all are seeing Pune changed."text-align: justify;"> In the last five years, the problem of waste and water still persists. Pune was not only a center of education but also a livable city. People bought houses in such green and safe Pune. But now they have to face many difficulties. He has accused the BJP, which has been in power in the municipal corporation for five years, that those in power have committed the sin of putting citizens in trouble.

Smart CT is a failed initiative. In this the city does not become smart but some areas are made smart. It includes cleanliness and various measures. The way in which works or plans are being implemented in Pune without any planning. We have seen the same results in five years. It is easy to reach Mumbai by car in Pune, but it has become difficult to move around in Pune city. We are not against any development works, but if the planning of the development was also considered, the plight of the people of Pune would have been reduced. Inflation and petrol-diesel prices have increased. It is difficult to travel by car for several hours. Water, garbage, traffic congestion are all problems Pune is facing taxes.

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