Such sincerity of the young man! The wallet found on the street was returned

Pune : It is easily said that there is no humanity left among the people in present times. But, even in today’s age, this honesty persists among some people. This is evident from the actions of a young man in Pune. A young man from Pune honestly returned the wallet lying on the street to its original value.  Humanity survives. Punekar Tarun has shown an example of this. The name of the young man who returned this wallet is Navneet Ahire. After returning the packet, the concerned owner has shared this photo on his social media. Therefore, this action of the young man is currently being appreciated by the society. 

On the Pune-Bangrulu  national highway, Navneet Ahire, a young man, was traveling on his two-wheeler. Navneet Ahire saw a wallet lying on the road near the Renault showroom on the Yaveli highway. As there was traffic at this place, he was driving his bike at a slow speed. So this wallet caught his eye. When he stopped fumbling and picked up the wallet, he realized that it contained a large sum of money. But, not being tempted by the money he got by picking up the wallet, he investigated whether anyone’s address could be found in the wallet. Received important documents and notes. A mobile number was written on this note. Navneet Ahire contacted the mobile number written in the note and did you lose anything? When asked, from the front "Yes, my money wallet is lost’, informed. As the information given in front was correct, he called the original owner of the wallet and handed over the wallet. The expression of satisfaction on the owner’s face was also visible as he got back his lost wallet. After receiving the packet, the concerned shared the photo with Navneet on social media and appreciated his honesty. Many people shared this post on social media and praised Navneet. 

 It is said that honesty is hard to find nowadays. If a large amount is received, it is rare that it is returned to the concerned person. But Navneet Ahire’s honesty is being appreciated on social media saying that Navneet Ahire has given proof that humanity, honesty is alive today through his actions. 

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