SPPU News: Batti Gul of Pune University since 24 hours; The students were furious

SPPU News: Pune University (Pune University) is in darkness for the last 24 hours. It’s been 24 hours in the university and the lights have gone out. Due to this, students are suffering. Therefore, the students have taken an aggressive stance. The students have warned that they will protest if the power supply is not restored in the next two hours.

 Last 24 hours students are facing blackout problem in university. Participation of third parties in democracy program was organized in Sant Dnyaneshwar Auditorium of the University. Political leaders would be present in that program. It included MP Supriya Sule, BJP leader Chitra Wagh. The university had provided electricity for his program. Electricity was supplied to the program by installing a generator. The students have expressed their anger by raising the question that electricity can be supplied to the leaders, then why they kept us in the dark all night. 

Promises made while charging fees fall

Different fees are charged for different things while taking admission in the university. It includes many hostels, library. At the time of admission, students are assured that all facilities will be provided from electricity. But when you come to the university, you see a different situation. So we don’t give free fee but we pay the fee with father’s hard earned money. Therefore, the students have taken the stand that we must be given proper facilities. 

Neglect of the university to solve the problem

For the last 24 hours the university students are in the dark. So this has affected their studies. Many students study late at night. But since there is no electricity, they have to face many problems along with their studies. The students themselves repeatedly informed the MSCB in this regard but the university seems to be ignoring the problems of the students.

Hint of movement

University students sometimes have to protest against fee hike and sometimes for other issues. Often students protest in heavy rain. After that, the university administration wakes up and solves the problems of the students. Every time students have to protest for their rights, so students are often angry. This time too, students had to stay in darkness for 24 hours even after paying proper fees. Students have warned that they will take a strong stand if the electricity supply is not restored within some time.

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