Sahbhuraj desai Wine: Sale of wine in malls is in the interest of the state and farmers: Shambhuraj Desai

Sahbhuraj Desai Wine: Excise Minister Shambhuraj Desai has expressed the opinion that the sale of wine in the mall is in the interest of the state and the farmer. They are from Pune (Pune) was speaking at a press conference. The previous government had sought public opinion on whether to sell wine in malls or not. He has also clarified that these views have been received and the study is underway. He also said that he would soon meet the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister after studying the feedback sought from the public regarding this policy.

Trying to know the opinion of many people in this regard from rural and urban areas. Exactly what percentage of people are in support and what percentage are against. The department will get an estimate of this in a few days. After that we are going to study this topic in detail. This topic is very sensitive. Therefore, he has clarified that the decision to sell this wine will be taken after taking everyone’s order.  

The decision will be in the interest of the farmers
When we were ministers in the previous government, we could not convey the complete information to the BJP party. However, this decision will not be taken without getting complete information in this context. This new government is for the benefit of farmers. So, we are focusing on how the farmers will benefit from everything. He also clarified that the decision will be taken in the interest of the farmers. 

Dh-cha-ma nakaka- Ram Kadam
Shambhuraj explained that the decision to sell wine will be taken after seeing the public’s reaction. Therefore, the decision to sell will be taken considering both the support and opposition factors. So now there is no point in dha-cha-ma. This is not a government that looks after the interests of the rich, it is a government of the common man. BJP MLA Ram Kadam has expressed his reaction that Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister will take a decision in this regard. 

Would Thackeray fulfill the government’s dream?
The decision to sell wine in malls was taken by the Thackeray government. At that time, many BJP leaders criticized this. At that time the Thackeray government had to withdraw this decision. This decision will benefit the farmers. It will also help to get a platform for selling the agricultural produce used for the production of wine. It was also said by the Thackeray government that the farmers who produce grapes, mangosteen, oranges, sugarcane and crops needed for wine production will benefit from this decision. But after the criticism, he had to withdraw this decision. 

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