Remove unauthorized dargah from Shaniwar Wada premises; Demand for Brahmin federation

Pune Shaniwar wada Darga: Now in Pune (Pune) of Shaniwar Wada (shaniwarwada) there is a possibility of dispute over the shrine located in the area. The Brahmin Federation has demanded that the unauthorized dargah be removed from Shaniwar Wada premises in Pune. Also, he has taken the position that there should be a memorial of Jiva Mahale at Pratap Fort.

There is a small dargah in the palace courtyard near the main gate of the Shanivar palace (Delhi Darwaza) for many years. Every day many Muslim brothers come to this dargah. They put a sheet on the dargah. The dargah has also been properly paved. However, there is no mention of any such dargah in the history of the castle and it is not possible to have it, the Hindu Federation has expressed the view. 

Claimed to be built 30 years ago
The construction and structure of this shrine does not seem to be of very old age. There is tile work on the dargah. Therefore, the Brahmin Mahasangha has claimed that this construction is at least 30 years old. As this palace comes under the jurisdiction of the Archeology Department, it is unlikely that any such construction would have been permitted or given by them. So they have demanded that this palace should be removed. 

Dargya hampers the beauty
Shani Wada is the pride of Pune. This area is also large. Many tourists visit this palace for sure. However, since this is a dargah, there is a possibility that action will be taken by the encroachment department at this place in the future. This may affect the safety and beauty of the fort and may also reduce the significance of the Hindu Empire architecture. Therefore, they have taken the stand that small structures like dargah should be demolished. A statement in this regard has been given to the Archeology Department and the Encroachment Department. He has also raised the question that if Syed Banda can be buried, why not our lives? He has said that the core community of Pune will also support him.  

Police deployment at Shani Wada
There is a possibility of a dispute over the shrine near Shani Wada. So some police have been deployed at this place. It will be important to see what answer the archeology department will give to the Brahmin Mahasangh.

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