Pune: Srikanth Ingalhalikar drew Krishna Garuda on paddy field through paddy art.

Pune : Paddy Art has been created for the seventh year in a row at Donje Phata on Sinhagad Road through the efforts of Srikant Ingalhalikar, an amateur botanist who depicts animals and birds from the valleys of Sahyadri on nature’s ‘canvas&rsquo. They  ‘Krishna Garuda’ i.e. ‘Black Eagle’ has been realized.

Through the efforts of Ingalhalikar from Pune, Gorhe Bu on Sinhagad road. This artwork is made here. of the soaring eagle‌ This picture is made from a plantation of green and black rice plants. Krishna Garuda is seen on the evergreen forest slopes of the highest peaks of the Sahyadris. Apart from the yellow beak and legs, this eagle has black feathers. Birds, snakes and sharks are seen floating near the trees looking for food. Bhimashankar, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Amboli can be easily identified due to its black color and habit of floating in dense forests. During the rainy season, due to clouds, it cannot see its prey, so it can be seen even on low rainfall mountains. This year’s  ‘Krishna Garuda’ or ‘Black Eagle’ is about 80 feet (wide).

Can be seen at  Lexon Winders near Petrol Pump on Sinhgad Road a little near Donje village. Enghalikar, an entrepreneur by profession, brought this ‘Paddy Art’ from Japan to Pune for the first time. In creating ‘paddy art’, the land is used as a ‘canvas’ and color scheme is achieved by planting paddy plants of different colours. Ingalhalikar mentioned that it is a challenging task to stand knee-deep in water in heavy rains and sow two colors of paddy.

Paddy Art was born in Inakadate, a village in the Omori district of southern Japan. Rice is cultivated in this area for years. This paddy cultivation is done without the use of any machine. A few years ago, on the occasion of the completion of 2000 years of rice cultivation, the farmers of the area decided to celebrate and from that the art of ‘paddy art’ or ‘tambo ata’ became popular in Japan in 1993.


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