Pune Sinhagad News: Pune people are going to Sinhagad! Tourists banned at Sinhagad today; Initiation of encroachment action

Pune Sinhagad News : Encroachment on Sinhagad (sinhagad fort) operation has started. From the Police and Encroachment Department (pune) strict action is being taken. Therefore, tourists are banned from going to the fort for the whole day. The encroachment action on Sinhagad has been started by the forest department since morning. During this operation, sheds of unregistered traders will be razed. 

Singhgad has become like a quadruped. The fort also has many shops selling everything from children’s plastic toys. Sinhagad has more than 110 stalls. A large number of stalls can be seen from the parking lot of the fort and also on the fort. Notices were issued to prevent encroachment of these stall holders. But as the sellers ignored these notices, the forest department has decided to take strict action and ban plastic altogether. Plastic ban will be made more strict at Sinhagad Fort in Pune from Monday. Foods like wafers, noodles sold in plastic wraps will be prohibited from being sold and taken to the fort. The forest department has said that a fine of one hundred to five hundred rupees will be collected from those who do not follow this ban. 

Sellers’ neglect of notices

Vendors did not move their shops despite giving several notices. Ten years ago there were only a few food stalls at Sinhagad. Since many of them have land in the fort, they have been selling dough-bread or curd-buttermilk at Sinhgad for many years. But in the last few years, the number of trekkers and tourists coming to Sinhagad has started increasing. Due to this, the professionals are also earning a lot of money. Therefore, stalls or small shops have been set up wherever possible. But now all these will be banned from selling and buying plastic. So Pune Will Sinhagad Fort, beloved by taxpayers, become plastic-free now? This is going to be important to watch. 

Ban on plastic use; Strict action in case of violation
Many people go to Sinhagad to eat special pithal-bread. But now these amateur tourists will have to be disciplined at Sinhagad from Monday. All types of plastic have been banned in the fort and strict action will be taken against those using plastic from next Monday. Once drinking water is provided at Sinhagad, the forest department is thinking of banning the carrying of plastic bottles to the fort as well. Tourists who always come to Sinhagad are welcoming this decision. Although this decision of the forest department is welcomed by all, it will be important how it is implemented.

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