Pune Shivsena : The same cheer, the same enthusiasm; 5000 Shiv Sainiks entered Shivaji Park from Pune

Pune Shivsena : Shivsena’s Dussehra at Shivtirtha in Mumbai (Dasara Melava) gathering is taking place. In this background, the Shiv Sainiks in Pune have prepared for victory. Nearly 5000 Shiv Sainiks have entered Mumbai. We have come in large numbers to Mumbai to listen to Uddhav Thackeray’s thoughts. I don’t know who will be the real Shiv Sena, but Balasaheb’s Shiv Sena is the real one. Shiv Sainiks have responded that they have come from Pune to Mumbai to listen to his thoughts. Women from Pune have also entered Shivaji Park. Women have celebrated by making loud announcements. Shiv Sainiks cheered by bursting firecrackers in Pune before leaving for Mumbai. At this time Shiv Sainiks raised loud slogans. 

Shiv Sena does not need to prepare for Darsa meeting. Gathering is a celebration for us. This gathering has been going on continuously since 1966. Senior Shiv Sainiks before us started attending this gathering and we are trying to maintain that tradition. So you don’t have to prepare much for this gathering. City President Sanjay More has expressed the feeling that this gathering, which will be held after two years this year, will be held with great enthusiasm, so we are excited for it. There is an atmosphere of joy among the young and senior Shiv Sainiks. Even though he was physically tired, he was not tired to serve the Shiv Sena. Not only that, he also said that all the people of Maharashtra are with Uddhav Thackeray and have participated in the rally. Many Sena youths will participate in this Dussehra gathering. So their enthusiasm is also high. Shiv Sainiks who have been attending the gathering since 1966 and Shiv Sainiks going to the gathering for the first time will attend the gathering together. 

MaharashtraShiv Sainiks enter from Bharat
Shiv Sainiks Pune, Thane, Tuljapur, Nashik, Aurangabad have entered Shivaji Park. Many Shiv Sainiks have also visited Shivaji Park by walking from their city.

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