Pune Shivsena News: Shivsena Jode Maro movement against Ramdas Kadam; Shiv Sena aggressive in Pune

Pune Shivsena News : The Shivsena (Shivsena) in the state has become aggressive in protest against the baseless statement made by the rebel leader of Shiv Sena Ramdas Kadam about the Thackeray family. Against that backdrop today Swargate in Pune (Swargate) Chowk, Shiv Sena staged a strong protest by displaying the photo of Ramdas Kadam. Shiv Sainiks have aggressively protested in Swargate area of ​​Pune. 

Various slogans were raised against Ramdas Kadam in this movement. His photo was also burnt. The Shiv Sainiks protested by placing a photo of Ramdas Kadam on the donkey’s body. The Shiv Sainiks staged large demonstrations. The statement made by Shinde group leader Ramdas Kadam about the Thackeray family. It is condemned. All Maharashtra are moving around. This is wrong. If they do this in future too, we will take an aggressive stand against it. The Shiv Sena has also warned that traitors who make false statements about the Shiv Sena will be given a befitting reply.

Strong agitation across the state
There is a strong reaction from all over the state against Ramdas Kadam who made a controversial statement. Nashik, Pune, Aurangabad, Shiv Sena is protesting strongly. The Shiv Sena that brought you up. The same Shiv Sena that was given the post of leader is now being named. By criticizing him, it is seen that Shiv Sena has become aggressive due to Ramdas Kadam’s criticism. They protested strongly by burning photos and effigies in the city. In Ratnagiri too, Shiv Sainiks became aggressive. Thackeray and Shinde group had faced each other. When the Thackeray group tried to burn the effigy of Ramdas Kadam, the Shinde group grabbed the effigy. There was a lot of debate between the two groups.

What did Ramdas Kadam say?
Shiv Sena leaders are angry over the statement made by the rebel leader of Shiv Sena Ramdas Kadam in a meeting in Dapoli. How many times will you say that I am Balasaheb Thackeray’s son? Do you have doubts, Ramdas Kadam criticized. Aggressive reactions are coming from Shiv Sena leaders in Mumbai and Konkan due to this. Also, wherever Uddhav Thackeray went, his sister-in-law Rashmi used to be with him. Ramdas Kadam had criticized that Maasaheb Meena Thackeray had never climbed the stage in his life.

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