Pune Sex Tantra : Sex Tantra course is an attempt to discredit Osho; In Pune, the atmosphere was on fire due to the advertisement of sex techniques

Pune Sex Tantra :  in the city currently on social media (pune) An ad shared is being heavily discussed. On the occasion of this year’s Navratri, this is an advertisement that a three-day course named ‘Sex Tantra’ (Pune Sex Tantra Advertise) has been organized. The advertisement states that this course will be held in the camp area of ​​Pune for three days on 1st, 2nd and 3rd October. Pune Cyber ​​Police is investigating who spread this advertisement on social media. 

No relation to Osho

This course includes Vedic Sex Techniques, Divine Feminine Masculine Embodiment, Chakra Activation, Osho Meditation. Due to all these advertisements, anger is being expressed in Pune. There will be a session called Osho Meditation. There is information that Osho’s technique will be taught in it. However, Osho’s followers have said that the Osho meditation mentioned in Sex Tantra has nothing to do with Osho’s teachings. There is an attempt to defame Osho. The work of giving wrong information to the youth is going on. Osho has not experimented with any such sex techniques till date. Osho constantly studied science and physical techniques. Opinions are expressed on it. The Osho Tantra is based on what Shiv Shankar described as the states of meditation. Therefore, Osho’s followers have clarified that we have nothing to do with all these. At the same time, these followers have also demanded that the police take action in this regard.

Sex racket under the name of camp
The sex training course running in the education center is causing outrage from all over. Many organizations and parties in Pune have approached the police regarding this matter. MNS, Brahmin Federation and some other organizations in Pune have become aggressive. Many have expressed their opposition in this regard. Social activist Tripti Desai has expressed her anger over the sex training camp. Social activist Tripti Desai has expressed fear that a sex racket may become active in the name of sex training camp.


Flog the organizers first- Rupali Patil Thombare
The organizers of this camp will get the whip first then the law. Stop the plot to denigrate the holy festival of Hindus Navratri and Punyanagari. Pune is the birthplace of Shiv Janmabhoomi In Pune, a poster called Sextantra is circulating on social media. At first glance, this could be a fraud by an online money-grabbing gang, or if someone is trying to run a sex racket under the guise of the sexist system that has brought Pune into disrepute, then the thriller will not work here.

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