Pune Railway : Trains from Pune to Vidarbha canceled on Diwali; As the railways did not even provide an alternative, the citizens were stranded

Pune Railway : Trains from Pune to Virbhat canceled till 19th October (Railway cancelled). On the eve of Diwali, the railway administration in Vidarbha (pune Nagpur) has given a good shock to the passengers. These trains have been canceled as the repair work of Daund to Manmad route is going on. Due to this, many passengers are very upset. To prepare for Diwali, citizens of Vidarbha book their tickets months in advance. This year, the booking of all trains was completed. Besides, many people had bought tickets by paying more money. Diwali travel was arranged. But with the cancellation of trains, a big question has arisen in front of them. 

Less trains to go to Vidarbha
During the festival period, it is impossible to get tickets on time as all the trains are very crowded. Also, the number of trains from Pune to Nagpur is very less. Therefore, there is a rush of passengers on this route. Meanwhile, the passengers are angry because the railway has canceled the trains going to Nagpur. As the tickets for private travels are also expensive, many people are in a dilemma and anger is being expressed on the railways.

According to the information provided by the railways, a block has been announced between Kashti and Belbundi stations on Daund to Manmad railway line in Solapur division. During this period, various technical works of the railway line will be done. So some trains have been cancelled. It includes Pune-Nagpur Garibrath, Humsafar Express, Amravati Superfast trains. Similarly, as the trains coming from Nagpur have also been cancelled, the passengers coming to Pune will also be badly hit.

Cancel these trains

-Ajni Express running from 7th to 21st October
-Pune-Nagpur Hamsafar express from 6th and 13th October (pune – nagpur Hamsafar express)
-From 5th to 19th October Pune-Nagpur Garibrath (Pune- Nagpur Garibrath)
-Amravati AC Express also canceled till October 19 


Travel tickets out of reach
Trains coming from Nagpur and Amravati to Pune will also not run from the railways. Due to the cancellation of these trains, the way for passengers to go to Nagpur by rail has been blocked. It is difficult to find another way to go to Vidarbha in such a short time, so the question has arisen how to reach home on Diwali. Every year when Diwali comes, travel tickets are increased. A ticket worth Rs 1200 is Rs 4000 during Diwali. So citizens prefer railways but this year citizens are disappointed. 

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