Pune Political News: Make Devendra Fadnavis MP of Pune; Demand for Brahmin federation

Pune Political News: The All India Brahmin Federation has written to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National President JP Nadda and demanded that Devendra Fadnavis be nominated as an MP from Pune. Due to this demand, many leaders in Pune have raised their voices. All India Federation will stand firmly with BJP in Pune. He has also stated that we will try to get Devendra Fadnavis elected in 2024 as well.

 Fadnavis’s election is very valuable and the federation has also expressed the desire that he should start politics in Delhi from Pune. After Eknath Shinde’s government came to power in the state, the name of Devendra Fadnavis as guardian minister of Pune is in discussion. If Fadnavis becomes guardian minister, many problems of the district will be solved, so it is said that it is in the interest of the district. But the decision of the guardian minister has not been taken. At the same time, the name of Fadnavis is being heavily discussed as the Brahmin Federation has given a letter to Fadnavis as the MP of Pune. Attention has been paid to what decision BJP leaders take on this.

Leaders and activists of Brahmin Federation of Pune will visit BJP leader Chandrakant Patil at his house in Pune tomorrow. He has also said that he will make different demands this time. This year in Pune, the leaders of the Sandhya Brahmin Federation are well active. Now the political leaders in Pune are paying attention to what exactly they demand from Chandrakant Patil.

Vande Mataram does not harm Muslims; Opinion of the Brahmin Federation
In the government offices in the state, the conversation will be started with ‘Vande Mataram’ instead of ‘Hello’. Cultural Affairs Minister Sudhir Mungatiwar announced this, after which there were different reactions about this decision from many levels. Now the Hindu Federation has also jumped into it. The Hindu Federation has also expressed its stand that this decision should be welcomed and not overly criticized.

Sudhir Munghantiwar should take a decision that this decision will be implemented in all departments. A single minister will not take a decision in this regard. Since there is a BJP government at the center too, they should also welcome this decision. Jitendra Awada criticized this because all the people of the Muslim community live in his constituency. But the citizens of the Muslim community have no objection to this. However, if their leaders object to this decision, they are objecting to this to criticize the leadership, the president of the Brahmin Federation, Anand Dave, has expressed the opinion.


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