Pune Police: Hard salute! In heavy rain, women policemen were clearing garbage and giving way to citizens; The video went viral

Pune Police: Heavy in Pune  (Pune rain)Due to rain, many places were flooded. Due to this, there was a traffic jam in the city. To remove this traffic jam, women police (pune police) has done well. He removed the garbage stuck in the road drainage himself and let the citizens pass. His video has gone viral on social media. He maintained this social consciousness while performing the role of traffic police. So he is being appreciated everywhere. 

There was heavy rain in Pune last two days. Due to this rain, large amount of water accumulated in many areas. The rain in the evening caused Pune Taxes were donated. Many citizens were warned to stay at home and be vigilant. But in it, all the personnel of the traffic police and fire brigade were seen facilitating the citizens on the road. In spite of being a woman, this woman policeman, keeping her uniform and keeping her uniform, stood in the middle of the road in the pouring rain and served the citizens by standing in the rain so that the citizens would not be disturbed.

Two days ago due to rain, there was a huge amount of water on the roads in Vimannagar Chowk. Due to this, there was a lot of traffic jam in the area. At the same time, the traffic police had no facility for water to flow into the chamber. As soon as the police noticed that the garbage was stuck in it, the traffic police himself removed the garbage from the chamber and let the citizens pass. His video also went viral on social media.


Great performance by women police in Pune…@punepolice #Pune pic.twitter.com/454WY1HSPa

— Shivani Pandhare (@shivanipandhar1) September 17, 2022

Municipal staff, officers prompt

Although the flow of water in the river basin has increased, the disaster management department and ward offices of the municipal corporation have received 71 calls during the day, Ganesh Sonune, head of the disaster management department, has informed. In this, there are complaints of water entering houses, settlements and societies. There have been seven incidents of tree felling in the city. The Disaster Management Department has taken appropriate action to remove the water from the waterlogged areas. As rain is forecast for two more days in the city, the Disaster Management Department of the Municipal Corporation has started round-the-clock office in every ward office. School accommodation was also arranged for citizens in anticipation of rain. However, due to less force of rain, citizens did not suffer much. 

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