Pune Nirmanala Sitaraman : If Baramatikars understand South cinema, they will understand my language; Nirmala Sitharaman’s taunt to Sharad Pawar

Pune Nirmanala Sitaraman : Baramati (Baramati) I am visiting Baramati to strengthen BJP organization. You should remember that I am not going to Baramati to target Baramati,  We are targeting everywhere in India, not just Baramati, said Nirmala Sitharaman ( Nirmanala Sitaraman ) has done.

Will interact with the villagers. She will present her views to the people of Baramati, Purandar and Shirur areas. But Nationalist Congress President Sharad Pawar had warned that the people of rural areas would understand their language easily. He has replied to it. The people of Baramati do not need to understand the language. We understand South cinema. Leaders coming from West Bengal and some other parts of the country understand his language, so people in Baramati understand my language, so there is no worry, he has teased NCP President Sharad Pawar. Supriya Sule had stated that they have a washing machine. Nirmala Sitharaman has replied to him in Khochak language. Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency has nothing to do with ED. We do not tamper with ED operations. ED does not reach anywhere. He has clarified that ED comes in such cases if there is money laundering or there is any suspicion. 

He also commented on the issue of inflation in India. Inflation has been answered every time in the Lok Sabha. Edible oil was imported. Heavy rains caused inflation. An increase or decrease in tomatoes may have led to inflation. She also said that inflation has increased in America and Turkey and we are seeing the situation in India. Local leaders of BJP say that it will happen. But I am not on this tour to bring about this change. We will try not only in Baramati but also in Anet constituency. He also clarified that I want to strengthen the organization and I have come for that. Vedanta, who was in power a month ago, is criticizing the Foxconn project. Bullet train, refinery, Nanar project are now talking. All these projects

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